Event with Italian Chamber of Commerce: Chinese Social Media Series

China, with a huge population, also well-known as the second-largest economy. They have built up their own Chinese social media nowadays.

Weibo, literally translates to micro-blog. It is the hub for real time news and live events in China, leading many westerners to compare it to Twitter. WeChat has now become the most popular platform when it comes to reaching Chinese consumers due to the censorship of international social media platforms in China.

Entering this huge market, you must be familiar with the Chinese social media. What are they? How to use them? Let ICC tell you more.

Topic included (but not limited):

  1. 5 Steps to Getting Started on Weibo
  2. How to Drive Followers to WeChat



Ashley Galina Dudarenok, Managing Director, ChoZan

In 2011 Ashley established Alarice International (, a marketing agency with a focus on Chinese social media. In 2013 she co-founded the Russian Business Club in Hong Kong ( and in 2016, she launched ChoZan (, a resource platform for China-focused marketeers. ChoZan is a fast growing business and is Ashley’s major focus these days. Ashley often shares her knowledge and experience in a variety of magazines, including SCMP, China Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times, WeiPo Daily, Jumpstart Magazine, Do Marketing, Macau Business Daily as well as others.

About ChoZan

ChoZan is a resource platform for marketers who work with WeChat, Weibo and other Chinese social media. ChoZan provides step-by-step navigators, consumer trend analysis, case studies, KOL databases and Helpdesk support amongst others. To learn more, check out ChoZan website or book your demo to see the platform in action.