Can you imagine that we have already passed 10th months heading to November in 2019? 2020 is coming soon and it means that we have worked hard for another year already and it is great timing for all of us to give ourselves a break and have some fun. Here, we have found out three upcoming events in Hong Kong between November and December 2019 and you should not miss the chance to join them with WYND.

🎪Clockenflap  (22/11-24/11)


One of the most exhilarating events of the year, Hong Kong’s premiere music carnival will be back between 22-24 Nov 2019 at Central Harbourfront. Fans from around the world are hyped since this amazing activity consists of international and local art talents covering different genres.

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You can always find you LOVE in this year’s lineup, including talented new generation electro-pop vocalist – Halseythe biggest folk-rock band in British – Mumford & Sons, Japanese metal duo – BABYMETAL as well as the most gifted Taiwanese songwriter and performer – Crowd Lu, etc…… Clockenflap is defining how a true Hong Kong music festival should be like every year and they have inspired many Hongkongers to give their heart and soul to music.

🎬Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (29/10-17/11)

The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival has picked up the most attractive films made recently in Hong Kong and Asia for showing all of us another side of the Asian film industry. This event consists of different events and seminars for enhancing cultural interaction between people from various backgrounds. It has provided a great platform for emerging movie creators, such as to be recognized by the public and other potential service providers while it would be a great chance to let us realize the development of local and Asia film production development.

Hong Kong Cinema Forum – 7 Nov 2019

During the forum, several local movie producers and creators have been invited and they will share the difficulties of the industry from different prospects. The focus is to figure out the way to create films that are filled with local characteristics and arousing resonance of audience at the same time.


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Featured Movies:


This local made short film illustrates the story of Hongkongers undertaking the journey from Yuen Long to Central while the director has focused on the struggles between the past valuable memories and the present challenges in daily life.

MISSING – 9 Nov 2019

Based on an online novel written by a local creator, this special film is describing a series of mysterious events happening around a social worker who wants to search for missing father. The combination of bloody crime and the traditional village of Hong Kong gives a fresh feeling to the audience.

🤘Creamfields (28/12-29/12)

Another heated music event is also coming to the city towards the end of 2019. Creamfields will be your best choice to end up your year with exciting electric pop music performance. This year, the event will be held at the West Kowloon Art Part for two days from 28-29 December and it will be the First-ever outdoor Creamfields show. Being held across the globe, including Halton and Taipei, this international pop and dance festival will certainly impress all of us. The mainstage of 2019 has gathered the most iconic performers in the field, including “God of Trance” Armin van Buuren as well as fan favourite DJ Snake, etc…… Don’t miss the chance to enjoy great music here,  keep tracking on their Facebook for the latest update of the event.

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